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CLAROS CLAROS provides searching across a very large virtual database of art and archaeology data, comprising images, texts, antiquarian photographs, and prosopographic records from Europe, Asia and the East covering 4 millennia.
American Numismatic Society The Greek, Roman, and Byzantine coins of the American Numismatic Society.
Arachne Annotations extracted from Arachne in context of the Pelagios Project.
Pleiades Annotations in the Perseus Digital Library Occurrences of places identified by Pleiades URIs in texts from the Perseus Digital Library
Pelagios Annotations from the Portable Antiquities Scheme Pleiades URIs appearing within the Portable Antiquities Scheme database
Epigraphic Database Heidelberg The Epigraphic Database Heidelberg contains the texts of Latin and bilingual (i.e. Latin-Greek) inscriptions of the Roman Empire.
Google Ancient Places Classical texts from the Google Books collection
SPQR Inscriptions from the SPQR Project
AWMC - Ancient World Mapping Center The Ancient World Mapping Center (AWMC) is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that promotes cartography, historical geography, and geographic information science as essential disciplines within the field of ancient studies. This data set describes all of the AWMC's digital resources that are aligned with Pleiades URIs and available through the AWMC API.
34,608 Place Annotations Places of origin or findspots for documentary papyri.
Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire Interactive maps and sources of Ancient Greece and Rome
SquinchPix An archive of European imagery.
Pelagios Annotations from Online Coins of the Roman Empire Pleiades URIs appearing OCRE
10,314 Pleiades annotations for numismatic concepts defined by
7,396 - Classical antiquity nearby A community driven map of places, findspots, buildings, and sites of historical events from antiquity.
Omnes Viae Places on the road network of the Tabula Peutingeriana, including a recreation of the missing western part.
Ure Museum The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology is an integral part of the Classics Department, in the School of Humanities, at the University of Reading. School pupils, university students, scholars, and the general community engage with ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations through their study of its collection of pots and other artefacts documenting myth, life, and much else about ancient world.
Book of the Dead Project The Book of the Dead Project started at the University of Bonn in the 1990s. It explores the evolution of the ancient egyptian Book of the Dead, a text (corpus) containing c. 200 spells which accompanied the deceased in the realm of the dead. The spells are witnessed by nearly 3000 objects (papyri, mummy wrappings, shrouds, coffins etc.) whose records and photographs (~ 20.000) have been integrated into a digital archive, in cooperation with the Cologne Center for eHumanities (CCeH).
Ancient History Encyclopedia Ancient History Encyclopedia is a non-profit educational website with a global vision: to provide the best ancient history information on the internet for free. We combine different media, subjects and periods in interactive ways that will help readers understand both the "big picture" and the detail. Editorial review is a key component in our process to ensure highest quality.
Fasti Online A database of archaeological excavations undertaken across the Classical World since the year 2000.
SAWS - Sharing Ancient Wisdoms Publishing and analysing medieval gnomologia (collections of wise sayings) using Semantic Web tools and Linked Data.
Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic
ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World ORBIS seeks to better understand the shape of the ancient world as it was influenced by location, time of year, priority, and mode of travel. It presents this information using traditional cartographic methods and data visualization. This is made possible through the use of a network transportation model based on historical maritime and terrestrial routes, as well as cost in time and money based on historical sources and simulations.
Open Context Publications of research data in archaeology and related fields
Meketre Meketre is an interdisciplinary research project, conducted at the Institute of Egyptology in cooperation with the research group Multimedia Information Systems at the University of Vienna. It seeks to systematically collect, research, and study the reliefs and paintings of Middle Kingdom tombs of Ancient Egypt.
Pleiades urls in Dickinson College Commentaries linkage between Pleiades and Dickinson College Commentaries through Pelagios
ISAW Papers Pleiades URIs appearing in ISAW Papers articles.
ORACC Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus

833,752 annotations in 28 datasets